Even though Indigo airlines flight schedule has a fair share of international destinations on its list including Bangkok, Dubai, Kathmandu, Muscat, and Singapore, the airline’s management has time and again reiterated that its main focus shall remain committed towards the domestic skies, and every Indian who wishes for a more extensive low cost network is sure rejoicing at the news! This announcement holds even more significance as it come’s from an airline that has been recognized as among the fastest growing ones in the world, this announcement surely means that the domestic sector in India will see a lot more progress in the near future.

India’s fastest growing airline, the only airline in India to make profits, the leader in market share, and a few more tags define the airline that is Indigo Airways. The airline has been in the news time and again over the last few months and every time it has made the headlines, it has done so for all the right reasons. When airlines around the world are facing a difficult scenario, this airline seems to be doing just fine with its low cost operations and on time performance as the basic foundation.

In spite of its foray into the international market, the airline’s bosses are very clear that the future lies in the expanding Indian market and that they will channelize most of their resources into expanding their operations here. Indigo Airways is therefore all set to repeat their success in the Indian skies over and over again, and the travelers in India are smiling away!

Those who used to catch the daily Indigo flight schedule from Mumbai and Delhi to Singapore were in for a nasty surprise when the airline announced that it has taken a decision that will see suspension of these operations. There are various factors that have influenced this decision and considering the fact that the airline has always been popular for its people friendly services, the market knew that the factors were quite strong too.

Aviation circles in India were in for a shock when news began to seep in that the last Indigo flight to Singapore from the airports of Mumbai and Delhi is set to take off in February, a result of an announcement that saw the shifting of its operations in the form of daily flights from Chennai instead. One factor that many feel was a strong influence was the extreme competition that the Mumbai Singapore and the Delhi Singapore routes saw from Full Service Carriers, including Jet Airways.

Another factor that played havoc with the route was the availability of meals on the flight that lasts five and a half hours, something that Indigo Airlines could not offer owing to its low cost operations. Passengers who want to fly to Singapore on an Indigo flight however still have the option of taking the Chennai Singapore route that is all set to begin from the 1st of March, with assurance from the airline that it will also introduce flights on the Hyderabad Singapore route soon.

The absolute success that Indigo Airlines has achieved in the highly competitive Indian aviation industry points out to the fact that how the airline has always put the customer ahead of everything else.
When a passenger flies with Indigo Airlines he immediately notices the difference in service when compared to other airlines. There are many flyers who have switched loyalties from other airlines after flying with Indigo Airlines just once and this has been a great influence on the passenger numbers that have made the airline the market leader today.

The May 2012 figures show that the airline has an incredible percentage of the market share at 24.9%. This means that Indigo Airlines commands the loyalty of almost 1/4th of the total passengers who fly in the Indian skies today. The best part of the news of course is the fact that this percentage is increasing everyday and the commitment that the airline shows towards its passengers is sure to maintain the upward trend.

One factor that has helped passengers in choosing Indigo Airlines over others is the fact that the airline clearly has its operations in place, something that is reiterated by its negligible number of flight cancellations. While other airlines have somewhat gone around create records of sorts when it comes to cancellations, especially in recent times, Indigo Airlines boasts of an incredible 99.91% on the Technical Dispatch Reliability index.

Absolute dedication to passenger needs is what defines an airline’s success, and Indigo Airlines has always been on the right path as far as customer satisfaction goes.

IndiGo Airlines is one of the leading budget flight services in the country. Having started its operations in 2006, it has expanded in both the fleet and the number of covered destinations. Its primary hub is located at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi and the secondary hubs at Mumbai and Kolkata. The airline operates a fleet of 60 Airbus A320-200 aircraft with a seating capacity of 180 passengers. An all-economy seat on the flight and no-frills concept attracts a large number of customers to this flight. IndiGo Plus or IndiGo Corporate Program is a premium class offered at a higher fare.

The airline offers service to 33 destinations of which five are international locations. The international destinations include Kathmandu, Singapore, Bangkok, Muscat and Dubai. The airline’s official website is an extended reach to the public. Customers can book a flight, check for flight status, see or modify reservations. Desiring passengers can register as a member, agency or a corporate on the website. The easy to navigate website provides all the updates on the new flights, timings and the terms and conditions.

To make a flight reservation the customers can log on to the official website or even access the booking site on a mobile phone. Other options are to purchase directly at the airline’s office or by calling the airline call centers. There are also a number of travel agents who offer excellent service to purchase tickets on IndiGo Airlines. Customers can use credit or debit card or cash to pay for the ticket. The unique feature ‘hold and pay’ allows a passenger to make a reservation and pay up to 24 hours at any of the ‘hold and pay’ agents.

Air travel is an important element for most of the individuals. Millions of citizens fly throughout the year with luggage which goes beside them. For this reason most of the exertions are committed to make certain that no illegal incidents happen in the airport. The personnel of Indigo Airlines screen each traveler and every bag boarding a business aircraft counting international passengers arriving to their destinations before they convene a linking flight.

As stated by Government of India safety conventions, all travelers will be issued to a security screening before boarding the aircraft. Printed voyage schedules will be tartan at the time of entering the visual display unit edifice. Checkered luggage will be screened with the help of an X-ray machine previous to check-in.

Unsystematic bodily checks are also conceded out for checked luggage in addition to X-ray screening. As required by applicable law, patrons will be requisite to go through private searching and their cabin baggage X-rayed prior to ingoing the pre-boarding sterilized region. The checked luggage resolution of Indigo airline is accepted out in the course of an internal toning system. Anonymous luggage will not be encumbered into the aircraft. A derivative safety check may also be conceded out near the step ladder/boarding gate before go on board as stipulated by BCAS.

The Indigo Airlines customers are advised not to depart luggage unnoticed at any time, particularly within airport area. Unattended hand baggage may be detached by Airport Security Staff of Indigo airline as object of suspicion. As a customer you must understand that all this is done for your safety and security so you must cooperate with the security staff to enjoy a trouble free journey.

Today traveling by airlines has become much easier than ever before. With the emergence of low-cost airlines like IndiGo Airlines, passengers can fly to their destination at low-cost airfares. IndiGo started its operations in the year 2006 with its main hub at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Promoted by InterGlobe Enterprises, the airline has outgrown to become a primary domestic airline connecting all major destinations in India. No wonder, flying in this airline is very entertaining.

Over the years the airline is known for its performance and punctuality that has remained constant to earn it the recognition of being the best of all the domestic airlines in India. Moreover, its backend technologies like the IndiGo Airlines online booking has facilitated easy booking process to all the customers who book seats on this flight.

The airline is recognized for its best services and class travel destinations and has received CNBC Awaaz Travel Award in the year 2009. Other than this, it also received The Best Domestic Low-Cost Carrier Award from Galileo Express Travel World in 2007 and 2008 for being the best domestic low-cost air carrier. IndiGo Airlines links 26 destinations across India with a fleet 0f 42 aircraft consisting of A320 Airbus, which is the best option for short-haul routes. The official website of the airline facilitates passengers to book their tickets online easily. Apart from this, the IndiGo Airlines online booking also provides other facilities like PNR status, flight status, fight schedules, online checking, online baggage checking, etc., for the convenience of the passengers. 

Indigo Airlines is a foray of Inter Globe Enterprises, India. In a short span of time, since its inception, it has become one of the leading low cost carriers due to its hassle free and on time journey to passengers made possible by brand new flights and state- of -the- art facilities besides a low fare policy.

Indigo understands the pulse of the market very well and hence has formulated one of the best pricing policies that give tough competition to carriers of other origin.  Trimming the frills, it floats only economy class so that there is no room for excess expenditure. But cutting the expenses does not mean compromising with comfort. It, very well strives to give the same level of comfort through its best trained staff.

Indigo Airlines online booking gives an opportunity to get acquainted with maximum information on the airline and its schemes and offers. And several general features like information on seat availability, reservation, cancellation, check-in, hotel booking, insurance and car booking etc are also available on the website. One of the key features in web booking is choosing a seat of your choice, be it near the window, aisle or a more leg room seat. The airline offers the option of pre-assigned seats for customers booking online. But these seats do not come for free. There is a nominal fee of 50 INR for a window or aisle seat and 300 INR for a seat with more leg room. This option of pre-assigned seat is given at the time of web booking. Although the passengers can request a seat at the time of check-in at no extra cost also depending on the availability, there is no guarantee that he will get it, so preferring your choice of seat before hand becomes advantageous.

So what are you waiting for, book your ticket using Indigo Airlines online booking and get ready to have a lifetime experience!